Body Parts worksheet (home schooling and online class)

Body Parts worksheet (home schooling and online class)
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This worksheet is designed for teaching young kids about different body parts of the human body. To teach this we have included 4 different activities to do while solving this workbook so that the kids get involved in the learning process.  

This worksheet is specially designed for school teachers for classroom activities. 

We have included the following activities in this workbook: 

1. Diagram: We have shown a full body diagram of a boy and a girl and have shown each body part with arrow marks. kids will have an overall idea of the human body and the name of different body parts at first. 
2. Flash Card: In this section, we have added flashcards of each body part along with their name. Students will have to match the flashcard with the name of a correct body part. This activity can be performed with a group of students in the classroom. Teachers will have to teach about the body parts first  then will ask the name of each body part by showing the flashcards. 
3. Tracing: In this 3rd section of the workbook students will learn to write the names of body parts with the help of tracing lines. These small activities will not only help kids to teach about the body parts but will increase their vocabulary, improve understanding about the body, will improve their motor skills and pen holding posture.
4. Match the columns: After writing the body part there will be a small match the column activity in which the students will require to match the columns of the body part picture and their names. We have added pictures of body parts of girl and boy. Kids will have to match the correct body part with their name by drawing a line.

All these activities will keep the kids engaged from the different things will eventually help them to learn new things. Team building, management, decision making, motor skills, and other interpersonal skills will be improved, which are generally avoided while teaching to kids. 

We have included the following body parts in this workbook. 

1. Hair 
2. Head 
3. eyes 
4. nose 
5. ear 
6. Mouth 
7. chest 
8. hand 
9. stomach  
10. legs 
11. Knee 
12. fingers. 

All the rights to this worksheet are owned by Please do not use this worksheet for commercial purposes. This worksheet is designed only for classroom activities and homeschooling. Teachers can also use these flashcards while taking online classes/online teaching/virtual studies/virtual classes.