Alphabet flash card - Learn to Recognize English Alphabets

Alphabet flash card - Learn to Recognize English Alphabets
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Product Description

It is easy to teach new languages to young kids at an early age of learning, so if your kid is 2-5 years old then these alphabet flashcards will be very useful for teaching them the English Alphabet.

In this worksheet, we have 26 Alphabet Flashcards one for each with Colorful pictures and a Black Border. These pictures will make it easier for them to memorize the alphabet and objects starting with the same alphabet. Each card has both small and capital letters printed on it side by side.

If you are a parent of a toddler or a kindergarten teacher then you can use these cards to teach Small Letters, Capital Letters, you can tell about the object associated with the letters. parents/Teachers can ask students to draw trace their fingers on the flashcards, this will help them to write the letter. parents can also ask their kids to paste these pictures on the objects whose names start with the same letter. It will be an engaging and fun activity.

Why we should use flashcards?

As we all know that kids learn faster when they see things and feel objects on their own and this is why it is super easy to teach them anything with the help of colorful pictures and physical objects.

These cards are a combination of English Alphabet and colorful pictures to make them more engaging and attractive for the kids.

Flashcards are so useful that parents and teachers can use them for a number of other activities too.

Grouping kids in categories, Finding objects starting with the same letter, classroom activity, and many more. After teaching them the alphabet you can also find other letter tracing sheets on our site.

Age Category:

These flashcards are really useful for kids of the age group 2-5 years, who have just started to learn a new language. Most of the kids learn the alphabet till the age of 3-5.