Alphabet Activity Book | preschoolers to grade 1

Alphabet Activity Book | preschoolers to grade 1
Resource Types: Worksheets, Printables, Activities, Grades: PreK, K, 1st, File Type: PDF (19 MB|27 pages) Product Ratting (5) Based on 47 reviews

Product Description

Alphabet Activity Book mixture of 3 different activities to help in the growth of the kids while teaching them about the alphabet. In this worksheet of 27 pages, we have included all the 26 alphabets dedicated single page for each alphabet. Kids will need to first color the alphabet and one picture of an object associated with that letter, like A and apple, B and Ball.

To engage more we have included tracing lines below these pictures, so after coloring kids will have to trace the letter with the help of tracing lines. In Alphabet Activity Book we include both small letters and capital letters so that the kids will not get confused in the two. And finally, after that kids will have to write the letters on their own at the bottom of the page. This activity will continue for all 26 letters. Alphabet Activity is an amazing yet learning way to engage your young babies so that they can not only learn about the alphabet but about colors too. Alphabet Activity Book will also help to get grip on pen and pencil. which will ultimately improve their writing skill.

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