Learn Addition with fun Addition with matchstick worksheet

Learn Addition with fun Addition with matchstick worksheet
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Product Description

As we all know that the number addition is the fundamental operation of mathematics and is very important and useful not only for the subject, itself but for the day to day life also. We might be doing 100s of addition in our daily life and we don't even notice all this, because this simple mathematical operation has become a part of our life.

In this workbook we the "kidzworksheet" has tried a simple yet effective simple method for teaching addition to the young kids in a very easy way.

In this Fun Addition workbook, we have taken the help of the old conventional way of counting matchsticks while adding one or two-digit simple numbers.

This workbook is specially designed for online/virtual learning. For online classes, teachers don't find perfect material with which they can engage the kid for a longer period. This simple effective and very useful book will be an amazing product for your kid and students.

Parents can also use this exercise book for their young kids so that they can learn addition in a very simple and life long effective way.