Maths Practice Worksheet V-1

Maths Practice Worksheet V-1
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Product Description

• Worksheet for practicing Maths.
• Numbers from 1 to 30.
• Includes 8 different activity sheets.
• Helps to learn numbers and their comparison.

This amazing worksheet is best for kindergarten students who just have started to learn numbers and accounting numbers.
In this worksheet, we have included numbers from 1 to 30 and exercise based on these numbers.
Exercise included:
     1. Skip Counting.
2.  Largest Number.
3. Smallest Numbers.
4. Greater Than
5. Smaller Than
6. Writing Numbers in Words.
7. Counting Objects.
8. Addition of objects.

With the help of this book your toddler will get to learn more about numbers, the level of understanding about numbers will improve. 
To make the learning interesting we have included amazing objects and colors. These worksheets are printable and can be printed on normal A4-sized paper for a better experience.
Best For :
1. Pre-schooling.
2. Home Schooling.
3. Kindergarten.

What for:
1. Understanding of Numbers.
2. Number comparison.
3. Writing numbers in word.

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