Numicon Multiplication Worksheet

Numicon Multiplication Worksheet
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Multiplication is nothing but another form of addition. The addition is the most basic mathematic operation, but it can be tough when it comes to doing the same addition over and over again. And here comes the multiplication operation.

For making multiplication easier for kids, we have used the Numicon method of multiplication.

In this worksheet we have included a Multiplication table of 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X and each table contains 8 questions along with the detailed description and helping guide to start with.

As a teacher it is really difficult to teach complex mathematic sums to kids in classroom study and online study, therefore the Numicon method of solving maths is an amazing way to make it easy.

What is Numicon and Why it is Important?

Numicon is a unique and easy technique for teaching mathematics to young kids. In this method, 2D shapes are used along with numbers for visualization, so that the kids can not only read and learn by seeing pictures and images. This visualization makes it easy.

Instead of 2D shapes printed on white paper, parents and teachers can also use 3D Numicon shapes to teach maths at home and at the classroom. This will not only make it more interesting for them but will them to improve their maths skills at an early age. Later on, your student/ kids will be able to do more complex problems, like division, or fraction, etc.

Most of the advanced schools and teachers are using Numicons to teach students in the primary section. While online classes and in offline classes too. Parents should also use these latest techniques. Several videos are also available on the internet to help you.