The Jungle Safari | Wild Animals Worksheet

The Jungle Safari | Wild Animals Worksheet
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The Jungle Safari is a Learning book about Wild Animals with some practice sheets. 

This book is designed to teach your young toddlers about wild animals with the help of colourful pictures and some basic facts about them. We have included 10 most common wild animals like Lion, tigers, Elephants, and some others. To make the learning interesting, colourful high-quality pictures of these animals have been used and below which few lines about them have written. This book can use used for home tuition, home schooling, Classroom activity, preschool learning. As a kid we can learn about domestic animals with our surrounding but not about wild animals, therefore parents can use this book to introduce these wild animals to their young superheroes. You can also take them to visit a zoo for a better experience after reading this book. 

At the end of the book, two exercises are there for 

This book includes 19 high-quality colourful printable pages and can be printed on A4 size paper for a better experience.