I Can Read activity worksheet | online study

I Can Read activity worksheet | online study
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Product Description

"I can read" is a new activity sheet from Kidzworksheet. This worksheet is made for the kids who are leading simple 3 letter words like cat, pat, mat, etc. Students are required to read the word written on the sheets and then cut the picture of a correct object and paste the picture in the space given below the word.

This worksheet will require the help of parents or teachers. Teachers can use this worksheet in classroom activity sessions or even in online classes too. Kids enjoy doing new things and this makes it easy for them to learn.

To use this worksheet, parents/teachers are required to print this sheet on an A4 size white paper, and then give the sheets and a kids craft scissor to your kid and there you go. This activity will not only help kids to learn new words but will also help them to improve motor skills.

This worksheet is specially designed for primary, kindergarten students.

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